jfs' Aegisub builds

Here's some various SVN builds of Aegisub. No guarantee for stability.

The revision 1170 build and later should have full, working Automation 3 support in addition to Automation 4/Lua support. There is no support for Ruby in any of my builds. (Because I'm too lazy to set up the build environment.)

If you get errors about "invalid program configuration", download and install the Visual C++ 8 SP1 runtimes.

Several of my builds also (unintended) require the OpenAL runtimes to run. Revision 1377 and newer do not require OpenAL.

From revision 1377 I have split "support" files into a separate archive. These files rarely change so there's no reason to include them in every package. Make sure you always have the latest support files. (For example, build 1473 needs the support files from 1377, because those are the latest that are not newer than 1473.)

The PDB files are "program debug databases" that contain additional debugging information, which can be very valuable in solving crash problems. If you put the PDB file in the same folder as the Aegisub installation, the stack.txt generated on a crash will contain more detailed information. Be sure to always use matching PDB and EXE versions.

Patched VSFilter

I and several other people have developed various unofficial patches to Gabest's VSFilter fixing various bugs and adding new functionality. A version of VSFilter with these patches is available here:

vsfilter-2.39c.rar (readme file) (2012-08-27 20:40)

The source code for this version of VSFilter is available on the guliverkli2 SVN repository.

Whenever we make a new Aegisub release we always include the newest version of VSFilter with it. You only need to upgrade the VSFilter shipped with Aegisub if your Aegisub build is older than the file linked above.

Historical stuff

Some really old stuff. Note that many of the older Aegisub versions are closed source.