My favourites

These are the karaokes I'm most proud of or just like a lot for one reason or another. (Yes it's narciscistic and ego-centric but that's the point of this site ;)

I'm trying to order them by my own rating, and then add a little comment with each of them, no fun in naming a favourite without telling why, right?

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FLCL ending

flcl-ed.mkv (26.9 MB)

My all-time favourite! Even though this is one of my earliest karaoke effects it's still the best I think. The reason is simple: It's fun! Almost every line has a unique effect that's designed after the lyrics and synchronised to the music.

There's of course a number of technical flaws, mostly that the "dissolve into particles" effects are rather poor, and especially the "shotgun" variation of it looks bad, but it still captures the image well enough I think. (Just proving once again that being perfect isn't required to look good, or whatever :P)

I've sometimes been thinking about re-making it, keeping the same effects except fixing those with some technical problems (particle dissolve, ride-on-star, maybe better vertical distortion) but I just don't think I could put the amount of work required into it one more time.

Oh, and the song is damn cool too ;)  Actually I re-translated it for KAA's FLCL release, so it's also that translation that's in this video. I think neither the translation in the R1 DVD subtitles nor what I could find on the net managed to really pinpoint the feeling of the song so I did a somewhat liberal translation. I think it gets the themes through better.

OverDrive opening (LAZARS version)

overdrive-op-lazars_ver.avi (33.1 MB)

Cool effect that never got released. I think the rotating rainbow "lasers" in this effect look really cool but they were rejected because someone thought they could become embarassing for the group, or whatever :(  So I made a new effect instead of that, but that replacement is just lame.

The group I made this for was Mendoi, now Menclave, so I took revenge and included the two ideas of the LAZARS (as they've come to be known) in my two Gundam 00 OP karaokes. The rainbows are in the first OP kara as the rotating zoom-circle that changes colour, and the lazars are in the second OP kara, shooting out of the text vertices. But it still doesn't beat the original ones here.

Actually the first of the three (five?) effects in this kara I made was the rap one, the "frozen movement" kind. It could probably be re-used for other similar songs too, but using it throughout an entire song I think it'd become rather boring. But it looks cool when used in small sections :D

Gundam 00 first opening

gundam00-op1.mkv (61.5 MB)

Finally what I wanted to do. I made this shortly after OverLua had come into a useable state, and it allowed me to finally do one thing I'd wanted to do since forever: Real zooming, moving across the text. And I could even zoom the video along as well!

It also gave me the chance to try doing a kind of real glow effect, the red/green sliding transition effect between lines.

In the end this might really have been more of a tech demo/experiment, but it did turn out quite well and watchable, and it's definitely one of the best things I've created.

Gundam 00 second opening, type 4

gundam00-op2-type4.avi (49.3 MB)

Turned out well at last. For the second Gundam 00 opening I also went the experimental road. When I started I didn't really know what I wanted to do, I just knew I wanted to put LAZARS into it (see the OverDrive OP) so that's what I did for the first type.

But I'm listing just the fourth and last type here... that's because it really did feel too incomplete in the three first types. I spent too long pulling myself together to get the last iteration done but I'm happy I did get around to do it. I didn't know where I was going, but it turned out quite well anyway; the effects do somewhat form a unity.

ef memories last ending

ef-memories-ed4.avi (12.6 MB)

Happy end to a long marathon. The ef - a tale of memories series ended up really exhausting me, constantly pushing me to think up more new karaoke effects, but this song and video really managed to let me make a great ending of it all :P

I think The song is wonderful, and the simple but still stunning background was a good inspiration for the effect. As so often before, the effect was en experiment that turned out well; I wasn't sure whether particles appearing on top of the syllabels before the highlight would really look good. It isn't really that noticeable unless you look for it but it still makes a huge difference in the feel of the effect, the kind of "warming up" they give to the text.

Still, it's more the song than anything else that makes this one. I can't claim credit for that!

Other mentions

My-HiME OP: It's mostly the song and the original video that makes this one (I remember being severely annoyed by the karaoke when I watched it on TV fansub because it obstructed and distracted from the video!) so I really wanted to make something that either wasn't intrusive at all, or something that complemented the video. I'm not sure if I succeeded, but I managed to hit a good entry effect by chance :P

My-HiME ED: Just an experiment that turned out well. I have to admit getting inspiration for this from a horrible chinese fansub karaoke for Black Cat that also had the text all over the place, I just wanted to do it "properly". I think I succeeded here, like with the My-HiME OP, without detracting from the original video.

Kannazuki no Miko OP: The song is one of KOTOKO's masterpieces IMO... Unfortunately I couldn't really think of any kind of effect relating to the song itself, but after I had basically finished it I was suggested by the encoder to style it with a kind of night/day colour scheme to match the theme of the anime. Also look for the "echo" left behind by the lines! (Mostly visible when a long line is followed by a short one.)

Kannazuki no Miko ED: Again, watch it just for the song. KOTOKO knows how to write great songs! Apart from the obvious fall-down effect here there's also a few subtle things in it, see if you can find them yourself. The effect is a bit strange, I can't decide if I like it myself, but I think I do like it...


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