Gundam 00 second opening, type 1

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Download:gundam00-op2-type1.mkv (48.6 MB)
Anime:Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Song use:OP
Used in release:Menclave
Song name:Ash Like Snow
Song artist:The Brilliant Green
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Like the effect for the first opening, this was also made with OverLua.

I decided to try something rather different for this opening, as I made the effect in several steps so it kind of "evolved" as the show went on. This is the first and simplest of the variation.

The only real effect here is the laser beams shooting out from the vertices of the characters. To generate the beams, I get the text outlines for each character and pick every vertex that has a certain minimum distance to every other already picked vertex. Then generate a laser for each picked vertex, such that vertices that appear earlier get their beam shown earlier...


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