Gundam 00 second opening, type 2

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Download:gundam00-op2-type2.mkv (48.7 MB)
Anime:Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Song use:OP
Used in release:Menclave
Song name:Ash Like Snow
Song artist:The Brilliant Green
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Second variation of the Gundam 00 OP 2 effect. Also see the notes for the first variation.

This version adds a first entry and final exit effect.

The first entry effect mimics the way the parts of the series logo enter the screen, and is also timed to match the music. It took a lot of toying around to get something reasonably resembling the teal beams and GN particles.

The exit effect is inspired by the cloaking device in Setsuna's Gundam, which you see in the same episode as this version of the effect debuted. (I think at least...) The exit effect is made by applying a heavy blur to an image of the text and then using a three-step thresholding function to generate an outside, outline and inside part.


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