Gundam 00 second opening, type 3

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Download:gundam00-op2-type3.avi (48.7 MB)
Anime:Mobile Suit Gundam 00
Song use:OP
Used in release:Menclave
Song name:Ash Like Snow
Song artist:The Brilliant Green
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Third variation of the Gundam 00 OP 2 effect. Also see the notes for the first variation.

In this version I added some fill to the lines as they highlight. When a laser shoots out of a vertex on a character, a coloured blob is also spawned at that location, and expands slowly. The blobs are randomly coloured and blended additively, so most of the lines end up becoming white.

I think I experimented a bit with having the blobs fade out again after a while but it didn't look good.


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