Haibane Renmei ending

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Download:haibane-renmei-ed.mkv (29.4 MB)
Anime:Haibane Renmei
Song use:ED
Used in release:Unreleased
Song name:Blue Flow
Song artist:Heart of Air

Meant to be used in a KAA re-release, it just never got that far.

I really wanted to make this with OverLua, I just hadn't written OverLua at this time ;) I really begun working on OverLua shortly after I finished this effect.

Made with an Automation 4 Lua script.

To get the rippling effects, I just create a lot of differently \clip'ed copies of each line and displace each copy a bit. I make sure the clips overlap a bit and have non-zero alpha, this gives a better effect.


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