Prism Ark opening

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Download:prism-ark-op.avi (44.7 MB)
Anime:Prism Ark
Song use:OP
Used in release:Anime-Share
Song name:Soshite boku wa...
Song artist:Sakakibara Yui

This is the only karaoke I've made on request through GWI (Group Whores Inc.) and I don't expect to make any more that way... also since GWI is basically dead now.

This was also my second OverLua job. Because I expected to just leave the effect script with the group, I made a more generic ASS parser for this than I used in the Gundam 00 OP 1 effect, such that many aspects of the effects could be changed by editing the ASS file style definitions.

It didn't turn out that well, I think...


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